Year long Patrons’ Office Fellowship



As the Patrons of the Arts continues to grow and expand, the number of projects, events, and visitsfrom our beloved Patrons do too. In order to keep up with this increased activity, our Vatican office has created a new role—the Eleven Month Patrons’ Fellowship.
Since its launch in 2010, this special position has become a crucial part of our Vatican office operations. The longevity and commitment of this position, as opposed to the short, sporadic terms of our volunteer intern program, affords the office an essential level of continuity and the fellow, him/herself, a more comprehensive work experience.
During the course of the year, the one-year intern functions mainly as the visits coordinator, handling all aspects of arranging the daily tours and visits of Patrons from all over the world. This alone allows them to exercise and develop their Italian language proficiency, learn more about the Museums’ structure and operations, hone their writing and
communications skills, and experience the public relations aspect of working in a non-profit organization. The year-long intern greatly helps our office in handling its duties, functioning as a reliable member of the team, adopting long term responsibilities and projects. The position enables the Pa- trons of the Arts to expand, continue, and improve upon our special development projects, from our e-newsletter, social networking platforms, and website to our online fundraising through CrowdRise and content management systems.
Additionally, the office fellow will have the opportunity to develop a familiarity with the office and have a stronger relationship with our patrons through a variety of events, tours, and daily interactions. They will be able to develop a level of Italian language skills at which they can communicate reliably with the Museum Staff and Vatican City community.
This sponsored intern would be able to join the Patrons Office team earning valuable experience with the Vatican Museums, the mission of the Catholic Church, and a non-profit organization. Overall, they gain many valuable experiences throughout the term, from writing and compiling our biannual newsletter to even translating and editing restoration reports. In turn, this intern is expected to serve as the sponsoring chapter’s personal liaison in Rome, available for everything from restaurant recommendations to exclusive guided tours in order to enrich their visit experience. Throughout the year, the Patrons are guaranteed added support from an experienced extra hand, one who will be familiar with the workings of Vatican City, the Museums, and the office itself. This sponsorship ensures that the high standards of service to our Patrons are met by the Patrons Vatican office, all the while creating the opportunity of a lifetime for a deserving candidate to experience the legacy of the Vatican Museums Collection firsthand while working for an amazing cause, furthering the mission of the Patrons of the Arts. After calculating the basic living expenses for an intern over an eleven month period in the city of Rome, we propose the following price for a chapter to sponsor this invaluable position. As it has been in the past, the internship would be named after the sponsoring chapter.