Welcome Sara

My name is Sara Cacciatore and I was born on the 27th of November, 1993 in Rome.

I always wanted to communicate with everyone, with foreigners above all. I’ve always loved to understand different cultures and different ways of life, so I decided to study languages in high school. For five years I learned English, Spanish and French literature and translation.

After the high school my desider to improve my pronunciation and accent led me to the University at la Sapienza, where I continued the languages study. I had the chance to go out for a few months and I decided to go to Salamanca and Barcelona; there I found my passion and what is now my job: the communication for marketing and promotion in an informatic field.

At the age of 24, I decided to get a communication and international relations master at SIOI ( in English, the Italian Society International Organization) where I learned the specific marketing and promotion skills. Thnaks to that field I had the chance to practice new skills inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Farnesina where I had a 4 month internship in the role of event organizer and communcator. This gave me a new dimension of experience and I learned a lot.

After my internship I decided to start a “freelance period” as a translator and communicator for my own clients and for the new ones. This helped me to understand the real job in order to know new people and new possible clients. By this time, I had the luck to get an internship position in the Patrons of the Arts inside the Vatican Museums, where they support the conservations of the giant collection of artworks in there.  I’ve started on 13th September and my skills have been immediately tested: I went to the tapestry restoration laboratories with the tapestry restorer Dr. Chiara Pavan and Alessandra Rodolfo, the curator of the art department of XVII and XVIII. I learned every process needed for the restoration and the conservation of the tapestries while explaining these processes to the patrons.

I went to the first laboratory, the older one, inside the Vatican City where the ancient tapestries were created, and we walked along different rooms where they scrutinize and dyed threads and support for the restoration.

I hope always to test my skills and my patience in my job position.