Welcome Henry


My name is Henry Hawley, and I am excited to spend my time in Rome as intern with the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.

I am originally from Los Angeles, California, and I am a junior at Boston College studying Philosophy and Art History.  This semester, however, I am studying abroad at the American University of Rome. Studying abroad has provided many exciting challenges and countless opportunities to travel, grow, and experience a new culture.

My family has been involved in the Patrons for a long time.  My grandfather, Philip M. Hawley, contributed to the founding of the California Chapter, and he spent time as the Chapter’s Leader.  I must also thank Greg Stanislawski, the current Leader of the California Chapter, for his reference and assistance during my application process.

While interning with the Patrons, I will help the organization with various activities.  I will be collecting data and research from curators, docents, and restoration experts on behalf of the organization.  I will work with the donor relations manager, and I will assist the communications team in handling the Patrons’ social media platforms. One big highlight of my time with the Patrons is that I will assist with the Chapter Leader’s Meeting at Castel Gandolfo, learning about the relations between the chapters and headquarters, the necessities of each individual chapter, and the future plans and strategies of the Patrons.  I am really eager to extend a hand and help with anything during my time in Rome.

I cannot wait for the next three months with the Patrons.  I am excited to learn about the management of a nonprofit and to surround myself with art everyday.  I am beyond blessed to come to the Vatican Museums and work in such a special place filled with faith, history, and beauty.