Virgin Mary & Jesus with St. John the Baptist & St. Catherine of Alexandria

Inventory Number: 40004

ekta 3765 (10x12CM)


This richly decorated painting was completed by the anonymous painter, commonly known as the Maestro di S. Jacopo a Mucciana, who takes his name from the city of S. Jacopo a Mucciana (Tuscany).

This precious painting depicts the Virgin Mary seated on the throne. She is clothed in an ornate dress and a blue mantel with a golden hem. The baby Jesus is seated on His mother’s lap and wrapped in a cloth. He holds in His left hand a small bird while His right hand is gently placed in His mother’s. On one side of the throne is St. John the Baptist in hermeneutic attire, holding a sceptre with a cross on top. On the right is St. Catherine with a crown, a book and the palm of the martyrdom.