Views from the Loggia: The Custodian’s Key

Recently, I stumbled upon the enormous keychain of the Vatican Museum Custodians.  Wow! Their ability to select the correct key for each door and the efficiency in doing so, is unfathomable to me. I, who have three keys on my keychain, pathetically still have trouble getting into my own apartment. Props to them! Sometimes, I feel guilty when I have to pass through a door more than 6 times a day, however; I am always reassured by their kindness and politeness. It’s nice to receive a warm smile on mornings that are hardest to get out of bed. Despite the chaos they encounter with the thousands of visitors from around the world each day, they are always hospitable and respectful. The next time you are visiting the Museums, be sure to acknowledge them with a friendly “buongiorno” or “grazie” as I am sure they’ll appreciate it. -Giselle