UK Chapter Visit, October 26-28, 2017

Fast approaching is our upcoming visit from the United Kingdom Chapter of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums to the eternal city. The UK Chapter Patrons’ sojourn at the end of October will commence with a private tour of the Vatican Museum’s collections followed by a cocktail reception in the Pio Cristiano Museum. The group will also have an occasion to join her Eminence, HM British Ambassador to the Holy See, Mrs. Sally Axworthy MBE, for a lunch reception hosted at her private residence in Rome. The Patrons of the UK Chapter will be touring the 17th century Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo, for centuries serving as the summer residence of the Pope. The next day, Dr. Jatta, Director of the Vatican Museums, will give the group some unique insights into the treasures of the Vatican Apostolic Libraries. The British tour will culminate with a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Bertello in the Vatican Governatorato Church of HolyMary topped off with a gala dinner inside the Museums.

The Apostolic Library of the Vatican

To help coordinate their visit, the chapter’s volunteer intern, Isobelle Coventry will provide a special helping hand.  Isobelle is fortifying her third year of University with a study abroad program in Rome and as a representative for the UK Chapter in the Vatican. She currently studies modern languages and cultures (French, Italian and German) at Durham University, UK, and has acquired knowledge of Italian beyond her degree by working as a part-time volunteer with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Tuscany. Isobelle is from Devon in the southwest region of England and has a deep interest in visual arts, classical music, and cultural relations.