Unveiling of the Galea Fountain

In September 2011 the United Kingdom Patrons came to Rome for the unveiling of love the Galea Fountain. Located just outside of the Vatican Museum walls next to the Bramante Staircase, Patrons, Museum curators and guests listened to words from then President of the Vatican City State, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, Museums Director, Prof. Antonio Paolucci, Fr. Mark Haydu dicembre and Michael Hintze, UK Chapter President, about this remarkable fount.

This gorgeous XVII century fountain is located in cheap nba jerseys one of the most beautiful and important places in the Vatican Gardens: to the left hand side of the Bramante Staircase, the original entrance into the Vatican Museums. The fountain was created as a replica of a Galleon of the Papal Fleet by famed architect Hans Van Zanten (Giovanni Vasanzio), who was The also nominated by the Holy Father in 1613 “the architect of Our Lord,” built the Galea in the same spot where an ancient fishing-fountain of Pope Julius III was located. Vasanzio used the rocks previously placed at the bottom of the fountain to form a landscape of small wholesale mlb jerseys mountains and cliffs.

The most Excavation fascinating element of the fountain is the splendid galleon in cheap mlb jerseys the middle of the basin. This amazingly detailed sea vessel is meticulously the decorated with all of the characteristics of the real ship: a beautiful small captain’s tower, sails, thirty cannons, multiple ladders, Elia flags, and a beautiful mermaid on the bow. A complicated system of tubes within the galleon enables the cannons, masks, and towers to spout water. The meaning of wholesale nba jerseys the fountain is made clear by the inscription left by Cardinal Maffeo Barberini (later Pope Urban VIII 1625-1644), which reads: “The warship of the Pontiffs does not spout flames, but sweet water which the fire of battle tames.”

The event continued with the unveiling of the commemorative plaque inscribed in Latin, thanking the patrons and the ceremonious “accendere” of the fountain. The Patrons and Vatican Museum Staff concluded with a champagne toast at the site overlooking Rome followed by lunch for the Patrons atop cheap mlb jerseys the Etruscan Terrace.

The Vatican Museums and Patrons Office would like to congratulate and thank the United Kingdom Chapter for sponsoring the restoration of this special project.

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