Travelling Photographic Exhibition “Inside the museum”

04_SIRAGUSA a lavoro



The project Inside the Museum, begun two years ago by the Department of Contemporary Art, is reaching the conclusion of its first phase, dedicated to the production of images. Nine artists, masters of contemporary photography, have been working over the past few months to interpret the complex reality of the Vatican Museums: their spaces, works, problems and everyday life.
The photographers have captured shots that document the urban and architectural space of the halls, the flow of visitors and the many memories that animate them daily, the wear of time, and the works on display and storage.
The project was designed to be an important group of photography in the Collection of Contemporary Art, curated by Micol Forti. Forti, alongside Alessandra Mauro, an expert in contemporary photography, selected artists who were to create new works on a variety of different topics selected by the Vatican Museums. This is the first time that an international institution such as the Vatican Museums has undertaken a project such as this. After the photography phase, made possible through the generosity of Patrons and their ability to support daring and complex projets, we must address the second and much more difficult phase. We would like to construct an international exhibition able to convey the extraordinary importance and novelty of our project and the beauty of the Vatican Museums interpreted through the original, creative, and diverse “styles” of the nine artists. This prestigious international tour will be displayed in major museum spaces around the world, from the great American museums, to the major exhibition halls in Europe (Paris, London, and Berlin). It will end up right where it began, in the Vatican Museums, where the photographs can reconnect with the context that generated them. The various international museums in which this collection will be exhibited are not only guests, but an integral part of the project. The involvement of their directors, curators and experts will create a rich catalog, translated into three languages (English, Italian and French). This catalogue addresses not only the photography itself, but also the wider issues of conservation, management, and development of museums and their assets. The exhibition is designed to emphasize the style and visual language unique to each artist. The nine photographic collections will be combined into four thematic sections in order to establish a dialogue within each group and highlight the many points of contact between the works despite their inherent diversity. These categories are:

– Time and History
– Spaces
– People inside the Spaces
– Works and Memory

Each thematic unit will have its own independent mode of exhibition that will highlight the style of the photographer. The proposed route through the exhibit will be almost circular: the “pilgrimage” of Alain Fleischer will blend into the “memory” of the faces of Mimmo Jodice, whose faces continue with the viewer even after he exits the Museums.
During the long realization process video and photographic footage will follow the project and document each artist’s individual style of working. This will be captured by Alessandro Prinzivalle of the Photographic Laboratory of the Vatican Museums.
This fascinating material will lead to the creation of a CD that documents the project.

FIRST SECTION: Time and History

01_FLEISCHER a valoroALAIN FLEISCHER. The Experience of the Visitor
Fleischer presents a journey through the halls of the Vatican Museuns through the eyes of a lucky visitor. The artist used a particular panorama device that expands and transforms the natural perception of the exhibition space.
10 works, in color, size 120×300 cm, printed on paper with silver salts

02_Biasiucci MVANTONIO BIASIUCCI. The Storage Rooms
Biasiucci has created a series of black and white images, dedicated to capturing the details and interpretations of works currently in the storerooms of the Vatican Museums. These photographs are mounted in a single installation to create a photo mosaic. 28 works in black and white, size 24 x 24 cm, printed on fiber paper


Bialobrzeski has created a series of works that document the external architectural structure of the Vatican Museums, highlighting the relationship between the city of Rome and the smallest state in the world, its historic buildings and the ages that have determined their transformations. 7 works in color, size 120 x 160 cm, made with an ink print technique on fiber paper


MASSIMO SIRAGUSA. The Rooms and Interior Spaces
Siragusa has created a series of evocative views of the halls of the Vatican Museums, interpreted with visionary and luminescent quality.
15 works in color, 60 x 90 cm, printed with a technique called “giclé” on Hahnemuhle paper


05_RINKO a lavoroRINKO KAWAUCHI. The Space of Waiting
The only female aritist involved in the project, Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi, has created a series of images concentrated on the spatial details of the Vatican Museums. These photographs emphasize the contrasts between presence and absence, light and shadow, and the traces left by the movement of visitors. 15 works in color, format 60 x 90 cm

THIRD SECTION: The People inside the Spaces

06_JODICE Francesco 2FRANCESCO JODICE. The Visitors
Jodice’s involvement in the project was to stop visitors, who have agreed to pose for a picture, in various parts of the Vatican Museums in order to create a multiethnic and multicultural panorama that relfects the extrodinary antrhopoligical range of the visitors to the Vatican Museuns. 20 works in color, size 70 x 100 cm, and two life-size

ITALY.MARTIN PARR. Outside and Around the Museums
British photographer, Parr wanted to capture the colorful and varied flow of pilgrims and tourists who flock to the Vatican Museums at various times of the year. Parr built a magnificent dialogue between the gestures, attitudes, and expressions of the works and the public. 12 color prints, size 51 x 76 cm

FOURTH SECTION: The Works and the Memory

08_ARMSTRONG da sostituire

BILL ARMSTRONG. The Life of the Works
The gestures and the faces of the characters that populate the Sistine Chapel, were the subject of the Armstrong’s work. He transformed and reinterpreted the power and grace of Michelangeo and the other 15th century painters whose work inhabits the space, through his own work and poetic use of color. 20 works printed in color of size 51 x 61 cm

09_JODICE Mimmo MV 1MIMMO JODICE. The Faces of Memory
Jodice has created a gallery of faces, drawn mainly from the classical sculptures of the Pio-Clementine Museum, to investigate how artistic tradition has interpreted and deepened the themes and expressions of human emotions, partly transfiguring, partly classifying them. 15 works in black and white, size 50 x 60 cm , silver gelatin print on fiber paper

Analysis of Costs for the 5 exhibitions (2 United States – 3 Europe)
Transports: 300.000.00
Insurance (total value 600.000): 2.000.00
Installation/education: 300.000.00
Catalogue in 3 languages IT/en/FR: 70.000.00
Translations: 5.000.00
Compensation for Essays: 4.000.00
One Year Scientific Contract: 15.000.00
Curatorship: 20.000.00
Travel Expenses: 150.000.00
Representations and Openings: 20.000.00
Lights and Other Equipment: 30.000.00
Graphics, Invitations and Press Releases: 10.000.00
Press Office: 25.000.00
Video and CD: 25.000.00