The Patrons Office Welcomes Three Summer Interns

For the next three months, our office will host three interns to assist us during the busy summer season. Each of the interns has been assigned a project reflecting their interests and will receive guidance from the staff member they are working with most closely. They will all have the opportunity to engage with the vast collections of the Vatican museums, and grow professionally and spiritually in their positions.

Harriet Fink, Catherine Johnson and Zoe Romanoski

Zoe Romanoski is originally from Tucson, Arizona and recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame this past May of 2018. She has a double major in I.T. Analytics & Operations, and Art History, which she hopes will be instrumental to her internship as she works to create a comprehensive database for PAVM. Zoe could not be happier to be back in Rome, having studied abroad here for the spring semester of 2017, and developed a fervent admiration of Italian language, food, music, and art. This summer, Zoe is most looking forward to observing how the Vatican Museums operate from a business perspective, especially regarding the role of the patrons in preserving the Vatican’s timeless masterpieces.

“Thus far the PAVM internship has been nothing short of astonishing- we enter our place of work through the colonnade arms of St. Peter’s and I can’t help but gape at Bernini’s immense accomplishment. Everyday mundane tasks are turned extraordinary as us interns run errands through the Apostolic Palace, or across the Vatican Gardens. It is truly evident that we are amidst some of the greatest minds the world ever knew. I love noting the Barberini bees of Pope Urban VIII on my favorite artworks, and having the opportunity to explore previous restoration projects with my fellow interns. Each day is better than the last, and I cannot wait to see what else the internship has in store for us!”

Catie Johnson is from Atlanta, Georgia and will complete her final year at Auburn University in the fall. At Auburn, she is majoring in marketing with a minor in nonprofit and philanthropy. Catie plans to attend graduate school after graduation and following graduate school, she hopes to obtain a job working for a nonprofit organization. Catie is extremely excited to implement not only her marketing skills, but also her knowledge of nonprofit organizations during this summer internship. While she has been to Rome many times with her family, Catie has never been able to explore Rome by herself and for such a length of time. She could not be more excited to be in one of her favorite cities doing something that she truly has a passion for!

“I was extremely excited to walk into work on the first day but really did not know what to expect. I was blown away with the joy and kindness that all of the employees have not only for their work, but also each other. When you walk into this office it is very clear that all of these women (and Fr. Kevin) have so much passion for the PAVM and all of the people that work for the organization. The other two interns, Zoe and Harriet, and I have had the best first week and I am so excited to see all of the things that we will be able to experience and learn for the next month and a half. Just being able to skip the tour lines was crazy for me…and that is only the beginning!”

Harriet Fink, a Washington D.C. native, will be starting her senior year at the University of Notre Dame in late August. In South Bend, she studies Philosophy and Medieval Studies. She spent the previous semester at the University of Bologna and hopes to continue improving her Italian. Harriet is looking forward to living in a new city and exploring all of the incredible collections at the Vatican Museums. This summer she will be helping our office compile restoration information about past Wishbook projects for an updated website as well as complete some translation work.

“Every morning my walk to work is a completely surreal experience as I bypass the interwoven lines of thousands of tourists waiting to enter the museums. It has been a fantastic experience so far to meet Patrons coming from all over the world and even tag along on some of their tours. I really appreciate the chance to work in an office that genuinely cares about its interns. The other interns and I are all very excited to be working on projects that are tailored to our interests as well as have the opportunity to see how the museums function from an insider’s perspective. It’s truly a humbling experience to not be able to look around without seeing beautiful art or architecture. At the end of each day, I descend Giuseppe Momo’s spiral staircase, which depicts the hundreds of years of history of the museums, thinking about how grateful I am to intern here. This will certainly be a formative experience for me, and I know it’s going to be difficult to leave at the end of the summer!”

We are happy to welcome our three interns and hope that if you have a chance to visit our office in Rome this summer, you can come by and introduce yourself!