The 2016 Wishbook has arrived

Our 2016 Wishbook documents all of the projects that our restoration staff and museums experts have identified as being in the most urgent need of funding.We have to take stock and take care that all of these focused restoration projects are being perfectly maintained. It’s crucial that the love and devotion of our patrons that go into these wonderful restorations will continue to be properly honored over the coming months. As a part of this, we have slightly restructured the Wishbook this year to focus on fewer, and primarily more overarching goals for the museums. Of course there are still pieces of art that are in need of patron support, but we have added the opportunity to help fund a number of imperative large-scale projects Schermata 2015-10-01 alle 11.57.31for 2016 that will become the backbone of our efforts to come. These include ways to improve the experience of every visitor for the upcoming year through ground-breaking exhibitions,Schermata 2015-10-01 alle 12.06.58 as well as ways to make a mark on the future with renovations of high-profile spaces in the museum, such as the Vatican Museums Painting Gallery and Cortile della Pigna. Access to our treasures for all is another place where we devote a great deal of our time and energy, and another project is an appeal for the stairs of the Pius Christian,  to improve access so that those with disabilities will be able to fully enjoy the majesty of our artwork.  In addition, we are courting funding for resources without which none of our important restorations would be possible.Investment in restoration technology and infrastructure  will make significant contributions to how artwork can be maintained for future generations. Schermata 2015-10-01 alle 12.33.29For example, we are in great need of a crane to help transport and maintain our heaviest, but in some cases most delicate, ancient marble statuary. At the same time, we recognize that without your help the Patrons Office itself would cease to be viable. Just as the restorations of a beautiful piece of art are restorative, we rely on support to help us foster the next generation of artisans and restorers through scholarships which give us the ability to nurture the finest talent for our ongoing work. Always remember that your work is instrumental in touching the hearts and souls of millions of visitors each year.

“For over thirty years, the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums have helped preserve this artistic and historic legacy entrusted to the papacy. Patrons sustain the history of the Church; they conserve memory. I cannot but admire their dedicated work and loyal commitment. Thank you Patrons and friends for conserving the memory of those who have made history by striving to follow God’s teachings, by building his Church. From emperors and saints, to friars and nuns, blessed men and women, religious and laity, their faith and deeds immortalized by the artists, writers, musicians, and benefactors who left usthe heritage we must now strive to conserve”.
Giuseppe Card. Bertello
President of the Pontificial Commission
for the Governance of the Vatican City State