#VatPatsGiveaway Winner – Mr. Domenico Musso!

We are so glad to be able to announce the lucky winner of our Spring #VatPatsGiveaway, Mr. Domenico Musso. The giveaway helped our community on Facebook Page surge to over 5000 likes. We are committed to growing our online influence as a part of a larger Vatican communications initiative. Please tell your friends to like our page for artistic and spiritual insights, papal events, Vatican and Italian Trivia, and much more (like the occasional giveaway)!

Says Mr. Musso of his excitement in being chosen as our Giveaway Winner:
“It is a great joy for me participate in the activities of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. This initiative will allow me to see first hand the work of passionate people dedicated to preserving the vast and unique collection of art housed in the Vatican Museums.
The treasures and the artistic beauty of the Church are, first of all, an effective way of making tangible the glory of intangible, in a path that brings us closer to Faith through art.
As the blessed Pope Paul VI said in the “Message to the artists” in 1965: “It is beauty, like truth, which brings joy to the heart of man and is that precious fruit which resists the wear and tear of time, which unites generations and makes them share things in admiration.”
In the artwork of the Vatican Museums, protected and preserved with dedication by Patrons of Arts, we can contemplate the path of Via Pulchritudinis: the beauty of creation, through the beauty of the arts, which leads us to the beauty of Christ.

Thank you very much, Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, for this wonderful opportunity!
—Domenico Musso

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