Stories of the Missions of the Church: Missions of Father Paolo Segneri

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Paolo Segneri studied at the Collegio Romano, and in 1637 he entered into the Compagnia di Gesù, despite his father’s opposition. Among his professors was Pietro Sforza Pallavicino. Ordained a priest in 1653, he shaped himself on Scriptures and on the Fathers of the Church, as well as on Cicero,  whose refined eloquence of prose he wished to acquire. As a professor of grammar at Pistoia, he volunteered to serve in the missions but, remained in Italy. He preached in  major catherdrals and also in simpler parishes during later years (1665 to 1692). Cardinal Antonio Pignatelli, the future Pope Innocent XII, appreciated his Quaresimale , and he called Segneri to the Papal Court where he named him theologist of the Penitenziaria. The biographer, Massei, affirms that the pope and the entire court admired Prediche dette nel palazzo apostolico.