Stories of the Missions of the Church: Costumes des Anciens Peoples

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Born in Aix-en-Provence, Michel-François Dandré-Bardon relocated to Paris to start up his career and escape from a family that wanted him to become magistrate and study law. There, he had the opportunity to become closer to art and painting during the period of his univerisity studies. His first professors of art were Jean-Baptiste van Loo and Jean-François de Troy. He wrote van Loo’s biography in 1765. After traveling  throughout Italy to destinations, including Rome and Venice, as a part of his academic formation, he was admitted to the Reale accademia di Pittura in 1735. There, he would in 1752, go on to become  professor of painting and sculpture. A greatly-cultured man, he was also a musician and poet, aside from a painter. He is considered to be one of the greatest art theorists of the XVIII century. He died in Paris in 1783.