Social Media Internship



As the Patrons of the Arts continues to grow, so does our online presence. The Internet is an important tool that we need to embrace in order to broaden our audience and recruit members to join our family. To keep up with our fast growing online community, we are introducing an 11-month communications internship. This position is crucial for maintaining a high level of quantity and quality for our ever-changing world of communications within the Patrons of the Arts community. In the recent past, we have been blessed to have talented individuals create and increase our online presence. In order to preserve that work and grow to new heights, we must expand our communications department by offering an internship to someone who is well versed in online communications management. During this internship, he/she would monitor all social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In order to be a leader in the social media world, forecasting new and unique social media outlets is crucial. The intern would be responsible for scouting and implementing the Patrons presence on up and coming sights and growing the existing Patrons of the Arts community with high quality communication skills. In addition to monitoring social media, he/she would write blog posts to be featured on the Patrons of the Arts website, create the monthly e-Newsletter, edit and publish the biannual newsletter, and produce short videos to give a behind the scenes look at the museums and restoration projects. The longevity and commitment of this position as opposed to the brief duration of our volunteer internship program, affords an essential level of continuity and offers the intern a comprehensive work and learning experience.Working in the Patrons of the Arts Rome headquarters, the intern would have access to exclusive content within the museums. As a liaison between the Vatican headquarters and the world at large, this internship offers an unparalleled journey through the World Wide Web. The ideal candidate for this position is a motivated individual who has experience in online communications and a passion for art and history. Although the content is mainly driven in English, experience with written Italian would be a bonus.
This is an incredibly unique experience for a young professional who wants to spread a spiritual message and good works of the Patrons of the Arts. In the past year, the Patron of the Arts Facebook community has grown by 600%. We are projected to grossly exceed that number in the next year and many years to come. By adding a talented individual to our Patrons of the Arts family, we will be able to spread the Word of God through art and our mission. To learn more about this position, be sure to like “The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums” on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.