Room of Constantine


This large room, named after the emperor Constantine and intended for receptions and official ceremonies (caenaculum amplior), was decorated by pupils of Raphael, in part based on Raphael’s designs, painted after his premature death in 1520.
Its iconographic program is a continuation of that of the previous Rooms (Segnatura, Heliodorus, Fire of Borgo). It is intended to celebrate the apotheosis of the Church.

Stanza Costantino IFC

The theme here is the Church’s victory over paganism, and its establishment in the city of Rome. The main scenes are painted on fictive arrases, while allegorical figures, popes and virtues appear at the corners. Four different episodes of the life of Constantine are masterfully represented in this room, one on each wall: the Vision of the Cross, the Battle of Ponte Milvio, the Baptism of Constantine and the Donation of Rome. The restoration project started thanks to the New York Chapter of The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.