Restoration Updates: The Lebete

lebeteThis morning, our office met with Museum Director Antonio Paolucci, Professor Nasselrath, Curator Dr. Maurizio Saniballe, and Head Restorer Flavia Callori di Vignale in the Metal and Ceramics Restoration Lab.  After catching up on usual business matters, the meeting turned its focus towards the Lab’s recent completion of the restoration of the Lebete with Tripod.  The stellar success of the project, particularly its cleaning, is extremely apparent: its surface, which appeared dark brown and grimy, has recovered the rich tonalities of its green patina.  This dramatic transformation is due to the restorers’ careful removal of the various organic residues that were encrusting its surface.  This rare Etruscan bronze, one of the many items of the Museum’s collection of works from the Regolini Galassi Tomb, was restored thanks to the generosity of Anne Marie and Chris Scibelli of the California Chapter.