Rediscover the Etruscans: Interactive Educational Displays in the Etruscan Museum

Ekta 11889

The Museum Multimedia in-depth analysis application proposed for the Gregorian Etruscan Museum will require the development of software and the installation of a dynamic, digital multi-touch and multilingual system (Italian and English). The end goal is to introduce the public to the history, the art, and the daily life of the Etruscans, over the course of nearly one thousand years. This comprehensive system will have in-depth thematic analyses that will enrich each visitor’s experience of the Etruscan Museum. The cutting edge technology will effectively give detailed information in a short time, using  comprehensible language and clear images. Using multiple digital computer and cinematographic effects, high-resolution graphic technologies will produce the animation and effects that the public will view. The application will be easy-to-use with an intuitive touchscreen that will allow visitors to select the subject and the language.  In the case of a large flux of people or of guided visits, it will be possible to activate the Play All mode — an automatic launch of content that will follow a predetermined order. The presentation will start with a chronological and topographical contextualization of the Etruscan civilization, after which the visitors can choose from 100 different topics to learn about.