Rare Crown of the Dance


Inventory Number: AS 8931 A, AS 8931 B

This kind of crown was worn by women during a traditional dance festival  in Thailand. The decorative elements found on this artifact, such as flaming wings and flowers, create the legendary figure Kinnara, a protective and benevolent figure who is half human and half bird. People would come into various temples where they would find this object, and place offerings for divinity inside it. Antique examples of this kind of delicate manufacturing of lacquer are extremely rare. The preciousness of the design of this object signifies its use by people of high rank. The crown is made from wood, dressed with paper, and/or leather, black lacquer, and decorative geometric motifs using mirrors and a relief technique.
The inside of the base of the crown is built with a circular wooden structure. Small sticks have been applied to this structure and they in turn support the soft metal pieces which act as decorative elements. All of the decorative elements of this object are highly refined and many of the decorations protrude from the base supported by metal elements. The offertory part of the object has similar characteristics to the crown. The top part of the object is done in red lacquer.