Northwest Chapter Patrons Events

The Northwest Chapter of the PAVM hosted two very impressive events this past July:

On July 11, at the Portland seaside retirement community of Spring Ridge, the Northwest chapter of the PAVM held an exhibition that showcased important works including paintings by Picasso and Dali and casts  by Michelangelo. Rick Altig, Tom James and Gary Lawrence (from Lawrence Galleries) were on hand to lend their expert and fascinating insights. Every month the Northwest PAVM chapter will hold another in their “Journey of Art” Series for 60+ people. In connection with the Lawrence Gallery, pieces are brought to patrons who can enjoy the artwork without the need to travel to a museum.

The next day (July 12th) the Chapter held “The Unveiling of Michelangelo’s Pieta” at The Lawrence Gallery. A 1:1 replica of the statue in Rome, it boasts heads crafted from Michelangelo’s original casts.

Following the success of these events, Jennifer Lamb will be presenting a monthly series “Journey of Art” which will continue to bring lecturers and intriguing pieces on loan to the Northwest. Click on this link for updates on the Northwest PAVM and the series

Thanks to Ms. Lamb for your support and for expanding the presence of the Patrons Office in the Northwest – doing great things to help inspire interest in our organization!

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