The New York Chapter Explores Caravaggio

What better way to leave the heat and humidity of a long hot summer than to dive in to a stimulating lecture on the life of Caravaggio!  The New York Chapter’s leader, Lee Romanelli, arranged an event in September 2012, at, appropriately, the Museum of Biblical Art.  With all the drama and tension of his paintings, Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S.J. held chapter members and guests spellbound as he conducted us through a tour of the later years of Caravaggio’s turbulent life, complete with compelling examples of the master’s works.  Focusing especially on the spiritual nature of Caravaggio’s works as they correlated to the artist’s tempestuous life, Fr. Waldrop took us on a tour that ranged from Rome to Naples to Malta and Sicily and back to Naples.  The great artist died en route to Rome, friendless and exhausted from a dissolute life.