New York Times names Patrons project in “52 Places to go in 2014” list!

To start off the new year, New York Times Travel issued a list titled “52 Places to go in 2014.”  The Vatican came in at #24, with a blurb sporting 2/4 features of the article’s byline– “witness a city in transformation,” and, “explore the past.”

After paying respect to Pope Francis and the upcoming April canonizations as obvious reasons to visit, journalist Katie Parla writes, “In 2014, the faithful can also enjoy the fruits of restorations that have taken years…”  Among the many projects sponsored by Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, she cites the re-opening of the Via Triumphalis (Santa Rosa) Necropolis!

We are so grateful to our Canadian Patrons who have diligently sponsored the project leading to the reopening of this exciting excavation, and we are so excited for the visitors who will get to view its full splendor and history thanks to the newly installed state-of-the-art displays and informational screens.  We also remind you that this extensive site is still undergoing necessary digs and studies; in fact, the sponsorship of archaeologist Monica Ricciardi to continue work at the Santa Rosa Necropolis is one of our current Restoration Needs of Wishbook 2014–

Have you seen the Santa Rosa necropolis yet? If not, here’s one more reason to visit the Vatican this year! Read the full story at