Model of Piazza Pius XII

The chalk model of Piazza Pio XII was made by the artist Pierino di Carlo in the 1930’s. At that time he had already created the very famous plastic model of ancient Rome in the Constantine age known as Grande Plastico dell’Urbe (scale 1:250) in the Museum of Roman Civilization. 

Di Carlo was known as one of the most talented artisans and scholars of this typology of plastic architectural model. The model of the Vatican is divided in two sections and faithfully reconstructs the piazza that connects Via della Conciliazione to Saint Peter’s Basilica and the buildings that delimit it. 

The prodigious technical competence with which this piece was made stands as witness to the vast experience that the artist held with this material. At the same time, it is proof of the remarkable challenge offered by this particular commission. 

As an elevated quality was asked of Pierino Di Carlo, he responded by offering excellence with regards to the technical aspect: Di Carlo meticulously represents each and every architectural element, each quota, molding, and profile, while faithfully respecting the dimension of the project in scale.

The two sections present a wooden framework and a “double level” in chalk in those parts which are not visible. Both sections are fixed with vegetable fibers, hence respecting the traditional techniques for the creation of chalk molds.