Masterpiece representing Amida Nyorai


Inventory Number: 119860

This amazing and remarkable statue in gilt lacquer of Amida is a masterpiece of the Ethnological Museum. The iconography and the style of the statue was first produced in the late twelfth century. Amida Nyorai presides over the Great Western Paradise. When a devotee dies, it is believed that Amida descends from his paradise to lead the faithful back to Pure Land. The hand gesture of Amida indicates that he descends from heaven to lead followers back to paradise.
This sculpture is made of wood that was incised, lacquered, gold plated, and painted.  It depicts Amida in a standing position on top of a lotus flower. His hair and the lotus flower are richly decorated with incisions and painted in blue and green, respectively. The gold plating of the mantle and the base was completed using many layers of gold leaf on top of a black lacquer surface. The hair of the figure and it’s front are decorated with pieces of glass. The sculpture is positioned on a gold plated lacquer base and secured with a wooden peg that fits into a small hole in the base.