Marble Base Carved by the V Century Prefect of Rome

Inventory Number: 1698


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Base with dedication to Acilius Glabrio Sibidius

In ancient times, this marble base supported a statue of Acilius Glabrio Sibidius who, as the inscription makes clear, had important government roles in Greece, Campania and west Gallia. The dedication, which dates back to the beginning of the 5th century AD, was made by Sibidius’ son, Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus, who had a political career even more illustrious than his father’s. Faustus arrived at the consular office in 438 AD after having been the Prefect of Rome and the Prefect of the praetory of Italy, Africa, and Illyria. Although there is little certainty as to the base’s place of origin, the long inscription on the front indicates that it was mounted in a public space in ancient Rome. Since the 16th century, it was counted among the antiquities collection in Villa Montalto on Esquiline hill. It was sold to the Thomas Jenkins Museums in 1788. This piece is expected to return on display in the Chiaramonti Gallery.