Patron Generously Finances New Website

Just as the Museums recognize Patrons of the Arts who have financed the restoration of a specific work of art, our office must also recognize the financial backing of the rejuvenation of this very website. The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums extends sincere gratitude to J. Murray McCann and the McCann Foundation, whose generous benefaction has made this completely new, user-friendly, and beautifully designed website possible.  When Mr. McCann came to visit the Vatican and Patrons Office with the Canadian Chapter of Patrons, he was very impressed with the creativity and energy of our small staff.  In his patronage of this project, he expressed the desire to maximize and spread this energy through a web presence that could better reflect and share our mission as well as display our restoration accomplishments, progress, and needs, in a more accessible way.  The office is so very appreciative of this generous donation; we have and will continue to work on this website, doing our best to effectively harness this same creative energy and apply it to the upkeep and continual success of  Mr. McCann’s donation was made in loving memory of his late wife, Myrna McCann.