Gallery of the Candelabra Catalog

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The Restoration of the Gallery of the Candelabra was completed in 2016, thanks to Mrs. Connie Franchino and the Ohio Patrons Chapter. We are currently collecting data and information on this extraordinary project in order to complete an important bi-lingual (English-Italian) publication by the Vatican Museums that will illustrate the historical and artistic story of the Gallery together with its recent restoration. Completed during the years of 1883-1888 by Annibale Angelini and Ludovico Seitz, the work has suffered major damage since its completion. The gallery’s exposure to the outside environment has been one of the major problems of conservation; there are 18 huge windows that pour direct sunlight into the gallery. Another detrimental problem is the amount of visitors that walk through the gallery on their way to the Sistine Chapel, sometimes as many as 30,000 a day!