Five XV century Painted Scrolls by Zhao Yong

Foto Digitale

Inventory Number: 110108, 110109, 110110, 110111, 110112

Foto DigitaleThis project is composed of five vertical paintings on silk, depicting a Chinese scholar and his attendant, perched on a seat of bamboo with an open book on his knees. Nearby, two young boys prepare tea. The figures are featured in a landscape of high bamboo trees and jagged rocks. The painter, Zhao Yong (ca.1289-1362), native of Huzhou in Zhejiang province and second-born son of the celebrated painter Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322), was a magistrate. The emperor bestowed upon him the title of Editor and Organizer of the Imperial Collections. Following his father’s example, he dedicated himself to calligraphy and painting, focusing especially on the depiction of human figures, landscapes, horses, and bamboo. Among his most noteworthy works are Hunter on Horseback (Taipei, Museo Nazionale di Palazzo) and Hunter on Horseback in Spring (Beijing, Museo Nazionale di Palazzo). Another piece, Horses and Horse Groomers, belongs to the John M. Crawford collection of the Metropolitan Museum. This scroll features three paintings, each representing a horse with a horse groomer. The three paintings were created respectively by his father (1296), by Zhao Yong himself, and by his son Zhao Lin. In this painting, the use of color, especially green and blue, leads back to the “blue, green, and gold” style of Li Sixun and Li Zhaotao, painters of the Tang age (618-907), who were famous for their detailed style and attention for detail.  Currently the Ethnological Museum is under renovation, but it is expected that these pieces will return on display in the near future.