A huge good-bye to Ami!

Over the years, the Patrons Office of the Arts staff has welcomed a wide range of collaborators, from student interns to seasoned veterans, originating from North to South, from male to female.  Ami Badami is undoubtedly one of the more original and qualified in our short history and she will be greatly missed as her departure at the end of 2017 draws near.  We will all remember Ami as a creative thinker, with her innovative initiatives, her brilliant power of language, her outgoing personality. Her term with us has been appreciated by both staff and Patrons as well as our colleagues in the Museums.  In fact, her legacy with the Patrons will unfold in another capacity: from February 1st, 2018 Ami will collaborate as a guide in the Museum so many of you will continue to enjoy Ami’s guidance and relationship. Ami’s last year of fellowship in the patrons office was generously supported by Mr. Anthony Bastulli, of the Ohio patrons.

Thank you, Mr. Bastulli and good luck, Ami, in your future endeavors!

Many thanks to Anthony Bastulli of the Ohio Patrons Chapter for his generosity in funding Ami’s Fellowship for these past 12 months.