Ancient Graveyard buried under Vatican City opens to the Public

It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of the Santa Rosa Necropolis to the public today! During the construction of the Vatican underground parking lot in the 1950ā€™s, workers discovered a fantastically preserved Necropolis. Thanks to the generosity of our Canadian Patrons, the excavation site was connected to another discovery of ruins in 2003. The public will now have the chance to enjoy the beautifully presented Necropolis, with two fascinating introductory videos on the history of the excavations and the process of restoration, lit walk ways, and interactive screens at each stop station. Congratulations to curators, Dr. Giandomenico Spinola, Dr. Leonardo di Blasi and Dr. Monica Ricciardi who worked tirelessly to head the restoration as well as all those who have supported its conservation over the years.

The event got a lot of media attention in Italy! Here are some articles in the Italian journals:

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